(Besides all the AWESOMENESS)
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Customize, Customize, Customize!

Awesome Packs are Awesome because they are filled with handpicked items that we know you will love!

How do we know? Because we ask you!
On sign up we send you an Awesome Customization form that asks all the right questions!
Things like, What games you already have? What you like or dislike? What age you would like the Board game to be geared towards etc...

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Two Awesome Base Packs to start off your Awesome Customization!
Family Awesome Pack
Designed to make family time more Awesome! It's filled with Awesome family games and activities that you can all do together as well as Awesome extras that everyone will love!!
Big Kid Awesome Pack
Designed for Adults who love Awesome Board games and all things Awesome!!

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We always Level UP our Awesome.

Awesome Packs comes with oh so many extra features like a monthly activity book filled with awesome activities for the whole family, Awesome loot, loads of contests and even birthday cards for each family member!
Our Experts of Awesome are always working to push our Awesomeness levels higher every month to give you the MOST AWESOMENESS that we can jam into your pack!



Making family time more AWESOME!

Customized for Awesome Adults!

This pack is customized to the whole family and normally contains 6 to 8 specially picked Awesome items. It provide hours of Awesome fun for you to do together as a family. It includes games, activities and also a few individual Awesome items for each child.
This pack is customized to Adults and normally contains 4 to 6 specially picked Awesome items that the adults in your family will LOVE!! We focus on High quality Board games, games and game related items. It includes games, mini-games and some Awesome goodies!

What you get in every pack

(Based on a 2 child, 2 adult pack. Every pack is customized to the pack profile, so contents will differ from pack to pack)

  • Family Board Game
  • Family Activity
  • Activity For Each Child
  • Awesome Goodies For Each Child
  • Awesome Activity Book
  • Awesome Goodies
  • Hours of Family fun
$39.99 USD/month
plus shipping

What you get in every pack

(Based on a 2 adult pack. Every pack is customized to the pack profile, so contents will differ from pack to pack)

  • Big Kid Board Game
  • Big Kid Smaller Game
  • Big Kid Mini Game
  • Awesome Big Kid Goodies
  • Awesome Pack Customized Goodies
  • Hours of Big Kid Fun
$39.99 USD/month
plus shipping

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A Super Awesome Board Game in every Awesome Pack

Every Awesome Pack contains at least one super awesome board game suitable for the whole family. Our Experts of Awesome do all the research, read all the reports, and get all the best prices, so that all you have to do is gather your family together and play.

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All PLAY and no work, delivered straight to your door

Let Awesome Pack maximize the little time that you have for family fun, by allowing you to do only the fun stuff! Your Awesome Pack will arrive every month right to your door filled with awesomeness handpicked by our Experts of Awesome. Our Experts of Awesome, are not just awesome, they are experts in it! They really know fun, and will make sure your pack is filled with all kinds of awesomeness suitable for your family!

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Pets are part of the awesome family too

Yes, you read that right, pets too! Mr Whiskers and Miss Spoty spots are loved members of your family, why shouldn't they get a special treat inside each box? This cool add on is definitely something to bark at!


3 easy steps to AWESOMENESS
process 2 JOIN AWESOME

You customize your AWESOME family profile. Add your family members, you can even add your pets!
After sign-up we will send you a detailed customization form where you tell us what games you already have and we customize your pack more!

process 2 Awesome Customization

Every month our Experts of Awesome will hand pick what's most awesome for your family!

Each pack contains hours of awesome family fun and so many memories.


When your monthly Awesome Pack arrives,
it's Awesome Dance time!
Each pack contains hours of awesome family fun and so many memories.



You can also Give all this AWESOMENESS
Follow these 3 easy steps to Give an AWESOME Gift Pack
process 2 Create your AWESOME gift Pack

Choose the pack that you would like to give.
Enter your Gift Pack Profile name and enter your email address. We will be sending the gift info to this email address so it's best to put your email for now and we will add their email later.

process 2 Customize your AWESOME Gift

After sign up, you can customize your gift even more. Just send us a quick email letting us know the length of the gift (ie one time gift, 3 months, 1 year), when and to who we should sent the customization form and if you would like a special message in your gift card.

process 2

Now all that's left is for you to download your free digital card and be the most Awesome Gift Giver EVER!! People will talk about your Awesome Gift Giving Skills across the land...and you WILL go down in history! .


What's inside Awesome Pack

By handpicking products that we have thoroughly researched and tested, we assure to only send you products that are Awesome approved. We are proud to introduce you to a wide variety of exciting games and activities in order to give you that "WOW" factor every month!
Each Awesome Pack contains products from each of the following categories.

Awesomely Unique Board Games

We focus on introducing you to awesomely unique board games that will provide hours of fun and you'll want to play over and over. A good board game is a gem to a family household, so we are constantly hunting to find the most awesome of board games.

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Hands on FUN

Fun isn't just about the games. There are so many more activities that families can do together which are not only awesomely fun, but are also educational and creative. We make sure that each Awesome Pack comes with a fun activity that you can do as a family, like a science, craft, or DIY project where you can all participate in making or learning something awesome together.

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Big fun from Little things

Little things can bring big fun too. For each child we add a quality smaller activity ( smaller in size but not in awesomeness). These are cool activities like magic marker books, card games, mini games, puzzles etc...

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Awesome Activity Book and Goodies

Every month we create our Awesome Activity Book. It's filled with all sorts of additional family activity ideas like DIY how to's, recipes, and fun contests that you participate in as a family. The Awesome Activity Book also features a monthly All about us journal. Here you will write down all the awesome stuff you guys did as a family, and all the special memories of the month, so that you can look back on them later.
You also get awesome GOODIES of course! Who doesn't like goodies? Every month we include a variety of goodies like stickers, sticker books, magnets and more.


Awesome Reviews by Awesome People
Make sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more reviews and updates!

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My Subscription Adiction
September 2015 Awesome Pack review

"We have really been enjoying Awesome Pack so far! It has facilitated lots of fun family time for us. The value of this month's package was just a little under $85, which is fabulous for a $45 box! Awesome Pack also does a great job of picking toys and games that they know my sons will enjoy." CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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Hello Subscription September 2015 Awesome Pack review

"Awesome Pack is, well, pretty awesome. We love that it is tailored to our family, so everyone gets a special toy, game, or craft picked especially for them, and we also get a game for the whole family to play. It is a great way to make sure you have some new fun activities for your next rainy weekend or family game night!" CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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My Subscription Addiction
July 2015 Awesome Pack review

Awesome Pack has been really fun for my family so far! We have been having a blast trying out new board games every month, what a great idea! The value this month adds up to about $56, so that's a great deal! I know we will use and enjoy everything in the package. Awesome Pack is great! CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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Subscription Box Mom July 2015 Awesome Family Pack review

"My kids will really love everything in this box. After every box, you will fill out a questionnaire to let Awesome Pack know how they did. Awesome Pack uses that information to make your next box even " CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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Hello Subscription
June 2015 Awesome Pack review

I love that there's something for every member of the family in this subscription, plus it always includes a game that we can play together. FYI - the base pack is for 2 kids & 2 adults, but you can add extra kids (human or pet) for $4.49 each. You will fill out a customization sheet so they can curate your box for you, plus you will receive a monthly survey to provide feedback. I think they are very attentive to our desires! For the hours of fun you get out of a board game and great family activitie,, this is a good value. CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

process 2

My Subscription Addiction May 2015 Awesome Family Pack review

"This is our second month of Awesome Pack, and we are already big fans! Everything this month looks like a great fit for my family, particularly for my 7 and 9 year old sons. The only thing I'm not sure about is the Ogre game Amazon's site says it's for ages 10 and up, so I will have to pay attention to what that game is all about when they start playing it. The value of the items comes to about $62 that's fantastic!" CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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My Subscription Addiction February 2015 BIG KID Pack review

"This box has a value of about $81. I think 3 games and a toy is a good deal for the $45 cost, and Awesome Pack sends some really interesting games that I haven't heard of before. We had a game night with some friends last month to play some of our Awesome Pack games, and now I'm thinking we'll need to make it a monthly occurrence! " CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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My Subscription Addiction January 2015 BIG KID Pack review

"This box has a value of about $85 - almost double the cost of the box. I think this is such a fun subscription - I love playing board games with friends and family, but I rarely actually think to buy them, so this is a perfect subscription for me. Plus I like that every game I've received from them so far has great reviews. " CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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December 2014 Awesome Pack review

"All totaled I came up with an estimated value of $60 for the December 2014 Awesome Pack. I really enjoyed this pack and was actually really impressed by it. We have a lot of games so I wondered what on earth they'd send us and they found games and activities (and fun ones at that) that we don't already have!" CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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MY SUBSCRIPTION ADDICTION December 2014 Awesome BIG KID Pack review

"I think this is a really well-curated box, and after seeing all the amazing reviews of the two games on Amazon, it's clear they are making sure to only send out quality games." CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

process 3

December 2014 Awesome Pack review

"This box is awesome! What other word could I possibly use haha?! I absolutely LOVE this subscription box!" "I love how well customized it was; they couldn't have picked better games for my boys! I really wished I had gotten a picture of them when they were opening the box, it was like Christmas came early! I definitely think this type of subscription box is much needed. It focuses on family fun time and fun activities that families can play together, increasing the amount of quality time spent together and improving their quality of life." CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

process 2

December 2014 Awesome Pack review

"My December Awesome Pack, customised for a family of four with two daughters, included ten items with an approximate retail value of $64. This pack costs $52.49 with GST and ships for free! My two nieces (age 4 and 6) will absolutely LOVE everything included in this pack. Anything to do with Frozen or crafts are a hit with them. I really appreciate that Awesome Pack included two of each of the smaller items (stickers/album/Fash'ems) so the girls won't be forced to share and end up fighting (they always end up fighting!). It's also cool that each one received an item just for them (the dominoes for E (age 6) and the T-shirt kit for S (age 4). The SPUZZLE game and the Mould & Paint kit are activities for the entire family and they are things an auntie like myself can participate in as well. This truly is an Awesome Pack of games and activities. It would make a great gift for a family or even just a child." CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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The Ballingers get MORE Awesome, and Vlog about it!

Watch how those Awesome Ballingers GET MORE AWESOME this Christmas! On his Awesomely popular Youtube channel, Chris Ballinger comments "It's AMAZING, isn't it????!!!! Jessica found it and was freaking out! It is basically everything she could have ever dreamed of in present form." CLICK HERE to WATCH the Ballingers full AWESOME Christmas VLOG

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December 2014 Awesome Pack review

"I really enjoyed Awesome Pack. The amount of items in the pack make it totally worth it. We chose to hide Awesome Pack from the kids and we will open it on Christmas eve morning as a family. Awesome Pack would make the perfect gift to give to families during the holidays!" CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

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In the Box:
December 2014 Awesome BIG KID Pack review

"... for $44.99 a month, you do get a box of sheer awesomeness, geared either towards the whole family or just adults!" CLICK HERE to read the full AWESOME review

AWESOME Extra Stuff!!

I Know A Guy

Every time you refer someone to Awesome Pack, you both get a free bonus gift in your next Awesome Pack.


Awesome Pack was started by a brother sister team, Chris and Kat. Long story short, we LOVE games, always have and always will.

Growing up, games night was one of our favorite family activities. Dad would take out the Monopoly board and tell us about how he won THE famous 26 hour Monopoly game when he was younger. Mom would pop some popcorn and make some snacks and we spend the night laughing away. Mom was also especially good at regularly coming up with fun new activities that we could do as a family, as she truly believed that families who take the time to do things together have stronger relationships.

PS Kat learnt much of her negotiating skills from Mom's Monopoly hard balling lol

Now that we are both older, game night is still a much anticipated tradition, whether it be with the little ones or just us Big kids!

There are a wide range of ages in our household, so we understand that every family is unique and we have developed a science to finding activities that everyone in a family can play in together.

So obviously Awesome Pack was a natural next step. Combining their individual talents, skills, and all around fun attitude, with their love and knowledge of games and family activities is what makes Awesome Pack the most Awesomenessly Awesome monthly subscription pack EVER ( well our Mom says so anyways) !


All Things Awesome


All Things Awesome